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Wednesday, 07 April 2004
A medium-large Egyptian map with goodies! Good flow and bot pathing.

File Name: dm-m-temple-of-the-eve]i[.zip
Author: MichaelM
Gametype: UT2k4 Deathmatch
File Version: 1.00
File Size: 7.11 mb
Player Count: 2-6

The Frag brothers say: A medium-large Egyptian map with goodies! Good flow and bot pathing. Also the following pictures were lightened for posting. Ingame, you are in for a treat!

A nice overhead shot of the building.

Notice the detail of the outside. It was so nice that I spent some time just looking around at the exterior before joining the map. I was pleased once I got into gameplay to find that the detail was carried into the rest of the map.


The above picture is One of the many rooms you will play in. Notice the portal over on the left wall. I wonder where that goes? Also, throughout the map you will have to deal with holes in the roof/floors. Plus, there's a nice suprise in the center room.


The picture above shows one of the tunnels. Try not to get sand in your shoes! Be on the lookout for a fellow fragger waiting around the corner.

Up in one of the halls -- nice place to put a hole. Now, just jump over, step on that switch, and take the lift down.

As I stated: many rooms, and this is a biggie with some BIG goodies.

A shot taken from one end. That circle rotates.

Again, gameplay is large with multi levels. There's lots to see and do. On another note, there is a lot that I didn't show you in the other rooms. I'll let you find the goodies for yourself! This map does give us a full array of weapons to use.

This mapper did us good and I hope to see more maps from him.

This map can be found at NaliCity.

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