DM-Goose2k4 Review
Written by Oldman   
Wednesday, 07 April 2004
Official release of the UT2k3 map "DM-Goose" for UT2k4. Finally I found little time to further develop this map and implement some things that left out for the ut2k3 version. You know the story. Time to get some frags!

Author: Philipp 'Soma' Urlich

The Frag Brothers say: SWEET! I like this map.

Nothing bland about this one! There's plenty to see and do. We have good weapon placements, lifts, holes, and water hazards. You can swim from one water hazard to another while picking up goodies on the way. Completing the ensemble are hallways to frag in and windows to snip from.

I like the detail that was put into this map. The lighting sets just the right mood. BTW, I lightened the pictures for posting.


This picture is really under water looking at the far end at a waterfalls from a higher level.

Here we have one of the lifts.

A nice hole in the floor to frag someone that forgot to look up. At the far side that red area is a lift.


You can find this map at NaliCity.

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