DM-Hell's_Pawn_Co30 Review
Written by Oldman   
Saturday, 31 July 2004
DM-Hell's_Pawn_Co30: "A classic game of strategy, neglected in the modern age, takes revenge on those who betrayed it."          

File Name: DM-Hell'
Author: Buttfield
Gametype: UT2k4 Deathmatch
File Version: 1.00
File Size: 12,151 KB zipped
Player Count: 8-12

Map Description:

"A classic game of strategy, neglected in the modern age, takes revenge on those who betrayed it." That's the level summary from the first Hell's Pawn. The map was actually inspired by a Harry Potter movie, and obviously by JC's 'HellSpawn Co30' tag."

A nice overview of the map. Those of you who played it last year may see the similiarity with the map's previous incarnation.

If you think this is the same map as the previous version, let me gently say "WRONG!" This map has gotten bigger and better. We now have three new rooms, long tunnels, and yes even a boat ride for you to look forward to.

Shall we proceed?




These are the three new rooms. How do you get to them? Funny you should ask -- so funny I am not telling you. So there!

Want a hint? Look in all the doors for new tunnels which lead to the rooms. Also, we now have a few teleportals to jump and swim into the unknown. Now I mentioned a boat ride -- while you're in the rooms, keep your eyes open for it to pass.

Oh, and that last room -- it's as big as a 1on1 map. Yeah, we're talking a big map indeed!

This is one of the new lifts that have been added throughout the map. While we're at it, why not find out how far they go up?


And here we have the boat ride I talked about earlier.

To hop a ride, first you need to be in the right spot. A warning about this boat: it's small, so jump up during the ride, and you're faced with a slight problem: the boat keeps moving and you find yourself taking a swim in lava. That brings up another point: "You will be a sitting Duck" till the ride is over, so only take the boat if you're feeling lucky or if everyone else is a bad shot.

Gameplay was I think better this time around and my PC did not bog down or stutter like last year's version. I love the new UT engine! Shooting the chess pieces still can end in road kill. Yes, some of them move, the jumps are nice, and the map has just the right amount of goodies.

Well, there you have it. Buttfield, my man, a nice map and well worth the effort you put into it.

This map can be found in our Downloads section on this website.

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